Basic clothes for kids

Baby things are necessary even for newborns. From quality
materials and composition will depend on how comfortable the baby will be without
Will there be an allergic reaction? That is why in our Internet
the store you can find a variety of quality basic models for
babies from birth.
Our company "MISHKA" has been producing children's clothes
more than 4 years. During this time we have established cooperation only with
proven suppliers of materials that meet
requirements for the production of children's clothing. Bringing you
You can buy basic outfits for your baby at a bargain price.
All kits have quality certificates, they meet the standards and
allow the child not to experience discomfort. Very often by our
Buyers are mothers, grandmothers, that are preparing for the appearance of the baby,
and for which it is very important that from the first days he did not experience stress.
This is due to the fact that the thermoregulation of newborns is absent and
essential things that keep warm, allow moisture and

Why Ukrainian manufacturer of clothes for children better

Distrust of Ukrainian manufacturers of children's clothing is not always justified. it
due to the fact that most things are offered not factory, but
artisanal production, which reduces their quality. Our production
guarantees high quality, which is confirmed by many
positive reviews, as well as regular customers.
The advantage of working with us is:

  • Large assortment of goods. We constantly replenish the store
    new collections.
  • Own design decisions taking into account features of the children's
    body, as well as delicate skin. Therefore, our things do not have gross
    seams, narrow or hard collars, rubber bands, etc.
  • The use of natural fabrics. We do not welcome
    artificial fabrics that can cause a reaction on the skin,
    retain moisture, causing discomfort. Artificial material is not
    passes air, which creates the effect of the sauna, the appearance of diaper rash.
  • A variety of models for boys and girls, for a gift or for
    certain holiday.

If you want only the best for your child, then our internet
the store is the best choice! Here you will always find everything you need, you can
make an order 24/7, as well as order delivery to anywhere in the country.

Call, we are always happy to help you get a quality item for

Bodie brown with white edging

99 грн

Bodie yellow with black edging

99 грн

Body black

99 грн

Body brown

99 грн

Jumpsuit white with black edging

199 грн

Milk body

99 грн

Milk jumpsuit with black edging

199 грн

The jumpsuit are black

199 грн

milk trousers

149 грн

black trousers

149 грн
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